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Welcome to our online cost calculator.

This cost calculator will provide an indication of our cleaning, sealing and repointing prices. Simply select the type of surface, the area in square metres and the type of service you required and you can have this estimated cost emailed to you at the click of a button!

Although they should be fairly accurate for the majority of driveways, brickwork, patios and decking, prices provided here neither constitute a formal offer or a booking agreement and do not bind you in any way to taking the quoted service. Please note that they may be subject to change after a site viewing.

Prices do not include VAT and a minimum charge of £50 (excl.VAT) applies.

If you cannot find the type of service you require, call us on 0800 710 1030, 01444 474672 or 07540 267649, send an email to or complete our contact form.